Our prices include:
All taxes, VAT and all kinds of fees, there are no hidden costs
Basic insurance package (T.P.I or T.P.L)
Free Delivery and pick up at the airport, port and in areas around Laganas.
Please check our website for the areas that are free of charge.
Vehicle replacement (subjects to vehicles availability) in case of damage
24hour Roadside Assistance
Unlimited Kms
Free baby seat
Fuel consumption is paid by the renter.
The renter has to return the vehicle with the same fuel level as delivered. If the renter
returns the vehicle with less fuel than he received it, then the renter will be charged the
difference in fuel.

Driver’s Age
Driver - renter must be at least
- 21 years old for car rental and
- 18 years old for ATV/scooter.
- the upper age limit is 75 years for all vehicle categories.
It is important that driving license, for all vehicle categories, is valid and issued at least 12
months prior to rental day.
Driver’s License
National Driving Licenses issued in the E.U., Australia, Canada and America are accepted.
Citizens of all other countries must have a valid International Driver’s License along with
their regular one.
Provisional driving licenses are not accepted.
Passport or National ID for all declared drivers should also be held.
Actual driving license and passport or national ID should be held at the day of vehicle
delivery. No copies or photos can be accepted.
If a driving license is held for less than one year, or any of the given details (online or phone
booking) are false or not in line with the mentioned requirements, the company reserves the
right to cancel/refuse the reservation.
Additional driver
The rental car is insured initially for one person - the named driver-renter. If others are
about to drive, then those people need to be present and show their driving license when
the car is picked up.
The charge for extra driver is 5€/day.

Third Party Insurance is included in all rentals. This means that, If you get into an accident
that was your fault, your insurance will cover losses to any third party vehicles or property,
but damage to your own vehicle will not be covered. So renter has to cover this.
**COLLISION DAMAGE WAIVER (CDW) EXPLAINED: The renter’s liability for damage to the
rented vehicle, can be reduced to a minimum charge of €600 for cars, €450 for any Scooter
model, by paying €10 per day for cars and scooters. ATVs can only have basic
The collision damage waiver (CDW) does not cover:
a) Damages done on purpose or by carelessness of the driver.
b) Damages caused when the driver is intoxicated, under the influence of alcohol or/and
c) Damages to the engine caused by driving in water.
d) Damages that occur while the car is being raced.
e) Damages caused by any unauthorized drivers.
f) Burns on seats, carpets or floor mats.
g) Damages to wheels, tires, springs, batteries, glass (lights & windows), and radio as well as
damages caused by theft of certain parts of the vehicle.
h) Damages caused by driving on bumpy roads/off road on parts such as:
transmission, drive shafts, or other parts in or on the vehicle’s under wagon. Damages that
occur on the under wagon when the vehicle hits the uneven road, such as ridges left by road
planers, or rocks stuck in the road or the roadside.
i) Damages caused when the vehicle is driven where driving is forbidden, also by driving off-
road, on trails not marked on charts as normal roads, on beaches, in dirt or on any other
kind of off-roads.
j) Theft
i) Damages that were caused because the vehicle being illegally parked
k) Damages due to traffic law violation.
l) Loss, damage, or theft of vehicle keys
m) Loss or damage of child seats, jack, safety triangle, spare wheel, petrol cap, or any
Vehicle shall not be used or operated:
1. By a person other than the authorized driver(s) as provided in the agreement.
2. For the transportation of persons or property for compensation/fee.
3. By any person while under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or other intoxicants.
4. In any race, speed contest or for any illegal purpose.
5. To carry more persons than it is licensed for.
6. To push or tow any vehicle
7. Outside Greece without the authority of lessor.
8. Outside of Zakinthos without authority of lessor.
9. Driving is strictly allowed only on asphalt roads. Vehicles are not meant to be driven
on the beaches, dirt roads or off-road in general.
Should there be any breaches to the rental agreement the lessor reserves the right to
repossess the vehicle at any time without a refund.

The renter must pay traffic fines, or any administrative sanctions may result from any
violation of the Greek Traffic Law. If any fine becomes required after the rental period, our
company will charge the renter’s credit card the amount of the fine.
If the police or other authority removes the registration plates during the rental, the renter
must compensate our company immediately. The compensation amount will be calculated
by multiplying the total number of days that the vehicle will be without registration plates
with the per-day rental price from the current season.

In case of an accident or any other incident, contact immediately the company. 24/7
Renter is responsible to follow the insurance procedural requirements as set below:
1) Call the police, if needed
2) Record if possible time and date of accident.
3) Obtain registration and details of vehicle (s) involved in the accident
4) Obtain names and addresses of adversary parties.
5) Obtain other party’s insurance company name.
6) Do not accept responsibility or fault for the accident, if is not yours.
7) Contact immediately by phone or other means the lessor.
8) Complete and sign an accident report within 24 hours from the time of the accident.
Before each rental, the necessary inspection and required maintenance work is carried out.
Though, during the rental period the customer assumes full responsibility to take care of the
vehicle, to check its mechanical condition via the indicators, check the oil, water, tires and
the general driving condition of the vehicle.
Any repair of vehicle by the customer himself or any other party designated by the customer
is not allowed.
– Customers are strictly prohibited from taking vehicles off the island of Zakinthos.
– Customers are strictly prohibited from driving with more than 2 people on an ATV,
Scooter or Buggy. Driving with more than 2 people on an ATV or Scooter will result in a
200 Euro fine to be paid by the customer.
– Customers are responsible for returning vehicles in the same condition they were rented.
– In case of loss or damage of car key during rental the customer is liable to pay 150 euros
for a replacement key
Vehicle cleaning fee
If the car on return is very dirty then you will be charged 30€ + VAT for cleaning the vehicle.

In the event that the renter does not pick up the vehicle on the agreed rental start date and
time without prior written or telephone conversation, after 2 hours the reservation will be
No refunds for no shows or cancellations less than 48 hours in advance.
Pre-paid reservation: A full refund will be made to the credit card used for the pre-paid
reservation as long as the cancellation is made at least 48 hours prior to the date and time
of pick-up.
If you select “pay at location” and fail to show up then we reserve the right to charge the
credit/debit card used for the booking the full daily rate.

The rental day begins with the delivery of the car and always ends the next day at 9.00 a.m
unless there a different agreement between the renter and the company.

At the end of the agreed rental period, company allows a grace period of 30 minutes free of
charge after which, the renter will be charged 15 euros per hour.
Please note that we are unable to give a refund if you return the vehicle earlier than the
reservation’s return date and time.
There is no refund if the renter returns the vehicle with more fuel than was received.
Extension of rental period
If the renter wishes to keep the rental longer than the agreed period, the renter must
contact our company no later than 2 days before returning the vehicle to request an
extension based on availability. The extension is valid only after the change is made in the
lease contract.

We have two types of seats
- Baby seat: 0-13 Kg
- Child seat 0-36 Kg
- Booster

Available on request and upon availability without extra fee. In case of a lost or severely
damaged baby seat the driver-renter has to pay 60 euros.
As safety, and especially children’s one, is our priority, please let us know if you have any
concerns on the type of the baby seat. We will do our best to ensure that you feel as safe as
possible in your driving experience during your vacation here
It is mandatory by Greek law that all infants up to 3years old must be seated in safety seats
whilst in a car.

All reservations are subject to availability on vehicle groups and not on a specific vehicle
model. We try to assign to each reservation the chosen vehicle model. However, if the
chosen model becomes unavailable, our company reserves the right to offer a similar model.
A similar model will be a vehicle in the same group – category as the chosen model. Also, our
company reserves the right to offer a model of a bigger group – category with no extra charge

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